The main thing for us is Jesus and his Gospel, but here are some other words that describe us:

We trace our heritage back to the Protestant Reformation and hold to a set of beliefs outlined in a series of documents called the Westminster Standards. We are a part of a larger body of churches called the Presbyterian Church in America.

While we hold faithfully to the essential beliefs of historic Christianity and to the distinctives of our Presbyterian heritage, we are also committed to seeing change happen in our world and in our church. In fact, it is precisely because of our belief in the unchanging message of God's grace that we expect to see progress in our community as the Gospel continues to grip hearts and change lives.

We practice our ancient faith by drawing from our rich and beautiful Christian heritage. As we do, we give expression to it in ways that look and feel like Columbus, Ohio in the here and now. Some have asked, "Are you contemporary? Are you traditional?" Well, whose contemporaries did you have in mind? Whose traditions? I guess we just don't like the way the question is framed. We're not really sure what category we fit into, and we're okay with that. Maybe it's time for some new categories.