At Grace Central, we basically only do three things. We do worship, home groups, and ministry teams. We are convinced that our calling as a church is to encourage and equip people to be liberated into the lives God has given them. We don’t want to suck people out of their lives and relationships and involvement in the community. We want to minister to people in such a way that they can be more fulfilled, faithful and effective in the places where God has put them.

That means we must provide ministries which expose people to God’s grace and the means he uses to communicate that grace. We must provide ministries where people can worship, pray, hear the Word of God, build relationships, and discover and use their own talents and resources to serve others. That’s what happens in Worship, Home Groups, and Ministry Teams. We are convinced that involvement in all three of these areas is essential to our spiritual growth and health.

At the same time, we want to try very hard to limit what we do to only those things which we are convinced are essential. That way people are encouraged to take what they are learning at Grace Central and go out into their lives to apply it and to discover the radical implications of God’s grace. We think being a responsible church means our people should have time for relationships and activities outside of our church as well.

Get involved. Grow. Live your life.