Home Groups


In addition to gathering together for worship on Sundays, we also gather together in one another's homes throughout the week. It's at a home group that you'll be able to build friendships that last a lifetime. It's at a home group that you'll have the chance to share your thoughts, ask questions and discuss life. If you have needs or concerns, it's likely to be your home group that learns about them first and is the first to respond.

We believe that connection with others in a smaller group, and the relationships that form as a result, are essential for our spiritual growth and health as human beings. So, we don't regard our home groups as just another ministry from which to choose at Grace Central. Grace Central is not a church with home groups. We are a church of home groups.


Oliphint Group (Clintonville)

Email for time/address (the host and time can vary)
Contact Joel Oliphint (joel.oliphint@gmail.com)


Holmes/Mattes Group (Bexley/Eastside)

768 Grandon Avenue 43209
Begins Wednesday, 9/11
Contact Beth Mattes (BDMattes@gmail.com)


Roadcap Group (Bexley)

908 Chelsea Avenue 43209
Thursdays, 6:30pm
Contact Ellen Roadcap (bentleye3@gmail.com)

Blosser Group (Clintonville)

372 E Weber Road 43202
Thursday, 7:00pm
Contact Greg Blosser (greg@gracecentral.org)

Conrad Group (Hungarian Village)

Contact for Location
Thursday, 7:00pm
Contact Max Conrad (max.conrad3@gmail.com)