Everybody loves a good story.

We've got one of our own we like to tell. It's a story about a broken world spiraling out of control, and about the God who broke into history itself to rescue his people from certain demise. It's full of intrigue, mystery, murder, sex, lies, and betrayal. But mostly, it's just a love story. It tells us that even though we feel lost and abandoned in this broken world, we can experience love and acceptance beyond our wildest dreams, through God's own son. In fact, it's more than just a story. It's a message of hope that shapes our lives and forms our community. It's this message that inspires our vision, drives our mission, and is at the core of our values.

Grace Central Presbyterian Church began in February of 2004 with the conviction that the ancient beliefs and practices of our Christian faith should be communicated sincerely through the context of genuine friendship, and in the language of our city’s culture. After more than a decade, we still believe this story, and it's still making a difference in our lives.

Beliefs & Identity

The main thing for us is Jesus and His Gospel, but here are some other words that describe us:


We trace our heritage back to the Protestant Reformation and hold to a set of beliefs outlined in a series of documents called the Westminster Standards. We are a part of a larger body of churches called the Presbyterian Church in America.


We practice our ancient faith by drawing from our rich and beautiful Christian heritage. As we do, we give expression to it in ways that look and feel like Columbus, Ohio in the here and now. Some have asked, "Are you contemporary? Are you traditional?" Well, whose contemporaries did you have in mind? Whose traditions? I guess we just don't like the way the question is framed. We're not really sure what category we fit into, and we're okay with that. Maybe it's time for some new categories.



Our Mission is to make gospel-centered disciples for post-Christian cultures by planting new churches in the Columbus metropolitan area, where the religiously disenfranchised are given space to experience the grace of God in deeply meaningful and transformative ways.




Greg Blosser

Teaching Elder, Lead Pastor


Joel Oliphint

Ruling Elder


Mike Donahoe

Ruling elder



Drew Beitman



Mike Mattes

Deacon, Director of Operations


Zack Prout


Ministry Team Leaders & Staff


Libby Hunt

Children’s Ministry


Jackie Clark

Greeting Team


Erika Rodriguez



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