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Sunday morning worship is the main event of our week as a church family. We pray. We sing. We listen to the word proclaimed. Together we confess our failures as well as our faith in the God who loves and forgives us. We conclude our worship by gathering at the table for the Lord's Supper. All of this is printed in the bulletin so you can follow along and see what's coming next.

Sermon Audio

Throughout history, God has primarily used words to communicate with his people. Not flashy images or spectacular events (though those sometimes helped), but words. The same holds true today: God speaks through his Word – both read and preached – and we respond. So, take a listen. Hear God's Word as it's preached at Grace Central. You'll get a good idea of what you'll hear on a typical Sunday and what we're all about.


Join us for worship on

Sunday morning, 10am

237 W 2nd Avenue 43201


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